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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Flying Matters

The absurdity of flying.

38,000 feet above sea level… eating miniature Christmas dinners and Chilean wine, served in doll size, giant wine bottles.

Paper liners for the toilet seats; individual and individualized personal TV screens on the back of the passenger-in-front’s seat; throw-away headphones; throw-away food and utensils; listening to “Armenia City in the Sky”.


The elements could cause a catastrophic and explosive loss of life. Human error could cause the same.

Are we pushing the boundaries too much, expending great quantities of carbon in the process, and not just the fuel consumption midair, but the complex chain of manufacture making the flying machine airborne…

Smiles and professional etiquette from the airline stewards and stewardesses.

Queues outside the toilets. Toilet engaged sign on, toilet vacant sign on. Seat belt switch sign on, seat belt switch sign off.

Boiled sweets.

Sorry, all the chicken is finished, Madam. Would you care for fish?  Is that tea or coffee, Sir? With milk?



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