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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Travel matters

We find ourselves in an unspectacular little motel in a town near the mini Malaysian metropolis called Seremban. We are en route to Pulau Pinang, and decided to stop off along the way to break up the journey. This was not such a good idea, as in retrospect, we could have reached Penang in one day quite easily. We need not have worried about our daughter's inability to cope with a long journey. It is becoming obvious that she is now a well travelled little soul, and can manage long car trips.

The guide book suggested that we could visit the Hot Springs Water Centre in Pedas, but the site turned out to be a glorified water theme park, and the hot water baths much like any other small swimming pool, overcrowded with lots of pairs of legs hanging over the pool side. Not for us. We drove further along the road towards Melaka, admiring the traditional Malay homes scattered by the road side, and verdant hills in the distance, before finally performing a U turn to get back to our hotel. 

Now back in the hotel, and planning to retire early - before 9pm - as an early start is called for.

Happy Birthday to my brother, Anthony - one year my junior!

Thinking about all the music I would put on a pen drive and give to my loved one...

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