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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Anniversary Matters

17 years married to the day. It all began in Nepal in 1994, when I met Manisha in the Nepal-India border town of Birgung. I was first introduced to her father, Mahendra, and gradually came to know the family. After a trek into the Langtang Himalaya together, Manisha and I decided to tie the knot, and the official court marriage ceremony was completed on 1st December 1995. Due to visa red tape, I returned to the UK shortly after that, alone; and it was not until I had secured a job and was seen to be earning a UK salary once more, that I was able to ‘sponsor’ Manisha and bring her back to England as my wife.

How naïve I was then, were we both.
17 years on and now with 2 beautiful children – Chris (11 and Rebecca (5)…
Dinner for two yesterday at Nandos restaurant, followed by a film – Life of Pi. The film was interesting, especially the first half, set in India. The second half of the film following Pi’s shipwreck adventure, dragged a little, but the magical imaginary visuals were lovely to watch in 3D. Thanks to Annie, Manisha’s sister, for baby-sitting Chris and Rebecca.
Off to Changi airport later this afternoon, for our onward flight to the UK via Qatar. Winter vacation.

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